Abuse Prevention National Conference

Livestream Event • June 11, 2020

Redemption and Prevention: A biblical response can’t have one without the other. They both demonstrate the heart of God in his care for his people. Join us in Orlando for our inaugural national conference as we seek to champion the protection of persons created in God’s image, proclaim the message of redemption, and equip ministry leaders.

In our erratic world, God’s people constantly feel the push and pull from the effects of the fall—disease, death, depravity. The world of abuse is no exception. When confronted with this reality, Christians should immediately desire abuse put to a final end and cry out for Christ’s return when eradication will be ultimately completed. Until then, there is much prevention and redemption work to be done! The Bible’s timeless story of redemption by Jesus’ death and resurrection lays the foundation for this work. In valuing the two things that last, God’s Word and people, we are on mission to carry the power of the gospel into the darkest corners.

Preventing abuse begins in the convicted hearts of individuals—pastors, administrators, teachers, parents, and volunteers, who desire to steward the lives around them, from children in their care to vulnerable adults in their ministry. The Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP) exists to help churches, schools, and non-profit ministries create safe environments. It’s not enough to have broken hearts for the abused, as ministry leaders, we must ensure justice for survivors and the end of abuse. Prevention is possible, together it’s achievable.

Sadly, traumatic stories of abuse abound and in many cases drive victims farther away from Christ and His church. Therefore redemption must also be a goal with a focus on the goodness of our God. We can’t just prevent abuse without also caring for those already affected- abused or abuser. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes it possible for abuse victims to not just grieve, but to grieve with hope alongside a community that genuinely values each person’s wellbeing. Redemption is available, it’s our mission to proclaim it.



June 11, 2019

9:30am    |  Main Session 1
10:30am  |  Main Session 2
11:45am  |  Lunch (provided)
1:30pm    |  Breakout sessions
3:00pm    |  Breakout sessions
4:30pm    |  Main Session 3
5:45pm    |  Dinner (provided)
7:00pm    |  Main Session 4
8:00pm    |  Conclusion


This event is a free online event thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. Spanish translation available.