Update: 22 May 2020

The expert panel, has completed the writing and editing phase of the standards this week. Starting in June, a team of four attorneys led by Sally Wagenmaker will review the standards and address any issues with the expert panel. Check back to this page in the coming months for the public review and comment phase will take place.

A team of experts including investigators, attorneys, pastors, risk managers, school leadership, victim advocates, and abuse prevention experts have been assembled to establish abuse prevention standards. Spearheading our team of experts is attorney, Theresa Sidebotham. Theresa speaks around the country on the topic of abuse prevention and has led numerous abuse investigations. Sally Wagenmaker, board president of the Christian Legal Society, is serving as general counsel.

The formal standards process will require a legal review, a public review and comment phase. These criterions will be made public as the basis for the accreditation program. Organizations that demonstrate compliance will receive the ECAP “stamp of approval” and be visibly recognized as members. Accredited members will undergo periodic review and a process will be established to evaluate incidents of abuse.

Initially, the expert panel met prior to the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) National Conference on October 1-3, 2019 in Dallas to draft child protection standards for the evangelical community.

These fifty standards in six categories will soon be reviewed by the following legal team this Spring:

  • Sally Wagenmaker, General Counsel, ECAP
  • Robert Showers, Simms Showers, LLP
  • Cindee Coffee, General Counsel, Southeast Christian Church
  • Alexandra M. Ableitner, Corporate Attorney, Church Mutual

Please visit this page for updates.